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Sabbatical Plan

First, thank you to all of you who are making this time of rest and refreshing possible. We are extremely grateful and pray that God will use this time to help us refresh, grant insights into future vision for our church, and help all of you grow in the ministries that God has equipped you to do. 

We will be gone from Apr 3 to May 16.  Here are some details and answers to some questions you might have that will be a helpful guide to when we are gone. 

Below you will find

  • Key persons to contact

  • Ministries and Responsible Primary and Backup Leaders 

  • The one thing you must do as leaders

  • Sunday Order of Service 

  • Sunday Checklist

  • What to do if… 


Key person(s) to contact with any question or concern when we are away:

In our absence, here are some key persons you can contact.  


Roger Bryner 

Call or Text:  (269) 580-7934



Vicky Sandberg

Call or Text: (269) 425-9409



Pastor Otis Buchan from the district office will cover the services or send someone if he is unavailable on that particular Sunday to cover the services. 

You can call or text him at (734) 812-9025  










As Leaders do this one thing …. 

Most of you as leaders know the expectations, and the awesome responsibility we carry as laborers in the kingdom of God. But here is one thing I would ask you do without fail – STAY CONNECTED TO EACH OTHER!


I would like you to meet weekly.  This can be a short 15 to 20 minute touch point before or after Sunday service. Roger Bryner will facilitate this meeting and here are some of the key items to talk about: 

  1. How are things going with the responsibilities you have in your ministry? Are you excited? Any celebrations and testimonies you want to share? Are you discouraged? How can we help? Are there barriers that we can help remove?

  2. Is there something you are hearing or sensing from others in the congregation that might negatively impact or threaten the unity of the Body of Christ?

  3. How are you doing personally & in your own spiritual growth?  Is there anything we can pray for you today? 


Encourage one another, lift one another up in prayer, and be consistent in the spiritual practices that keep you in the presence and protection of the Lord. 


Let us continue to practice these values we uphold at Bellevue Christian Church





Sunday Order of Service

  • Announcements & Pray us into worship – MaryAnn 


  • Worship – Vicky / Deb


  • Prayer – Pastor O


  • Offering – Deb / Vicky


  • Message – Pastor O


  • Closing (Altar Call/ Worship / Communion if Comunion Sunday) 


Sunday – Weekly Checklist

  • iSing Worship Ready – Vicky Sandberg


  • Communion Set up ready (if Communion Sunday) – Karen Johnson


  • Sound System (Microphones, powerpoints etc.) Ready – Angie Thompson


  • Any Special Announcements to highlight – Deb Davis / Vicky Sandberg


  • Church ready – Inside (cleaned, water, café, new visitor cards ready etc.) – Karen Johnson


  • Church ready – outside (mowing / snow plowing, etc.) – Roger Bryner


  • Ready to greet and welcome any visitors - ALL


  • Check for Special Speaker cut, signed and ready – Vicky Sandberg / Roger Bryner






What do I do if…

  1. There is an emergency that requires pastor’s attention - such as someone passes away, a funeral is necessary, or something that cannot wait until the pastor is back

Contact Roger the individuals listed in the “Key persons to contact” above. 


  1. There is an emergency that prevents Pastor Otis or his delegate to show up on Sunday morning

Vicky or Deb will facilitate the service. There is a set of sermon videos on the pastor’s desk. Co-ordinate with Angie to play one of them. In addition there are online videos in RightNow Media that have been pre-selected and can be played directly from the computer. 


  1. There is an emergency and the Worship leads – Vicky and Deb – are unavailable.


If there is advance notice, then call Cassie Kurtz to see if she can fill in.  If it is an emergency, then co-ordinate with Angie to do video worship. 



  1.  There is an issue, or emergency with an individual during the Sunday service


Ron Davis is the key security person and Roger is his backup. They are aware of the protocols, and if the issue is not something that needs an immediate response make Ron and/or Roger aware.  If this is an issue that is life-threatening then call 911.

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