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Welcome to Bellevue Christian Church

We're so glad that you found your way to our website. We'd like to extend you the warmest greetings on behalf of all of us at BCC.  We have been praying for you.  You're not here by accident, but by divine appointment.  Whether you are exploring who God is, or you know Him well or you're just seeking to re-connect with Him today, you've come to the right place.

If you have any questions, need prayer, or would like more information on the church, please fill out our Connection Card.  We look forward to coming alongside you as we continue in our spiritual journey.

Blessings, Pastor Danesh

Our Culture Values 

These are the core culture values that we strive for in our behaviors:


1. GRACE: We fill the gap with grace

Since we live in a sin-stained world, and we are part of the fallen humanity, we will discover gaps in our expectations of others, and what others actually do.  We will choose to fill that gap with grace.  We will extend grace to the person who may have offended us or fallen short of our expectations just as the Lord has done for us.


2. COURAGE: We demonstrate courage in our relationships


We are accountable and hold each other accountable as followers of Christ. Our value of courage keeps our value of grace authentic. It helps us not use grace as a cover for cowardice and dodge tough conversations. It allows us to speak the truth in love.

3. OWNERSHIP: We take it personally.

We are not in the church or attending a church – we are the church! And the Church is the bride of Christ. Therefore, when we see something that is a problem in the church, or something in the church that diminishes Christ in the community, we take it personally.  We see to it that we put the good of the church before our own needs.


4. GENEROSITY: We live with our palms up

An open palm is a sign of truth, honesty, generosity and humility.  We believe that loving relationships should permeate every aspect of our church life.  By living with our “palms up” we mean we will do life “considering others needs above our own.”.  This will show the incarnate Christ to the community around us that does not know Him.

5. UNITY: We fight for unity

We believe unity of the believers is a testimony to the community and the world. We are “eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace (Eph 4:3).”  We will fight for this unity if necessary, to protect the body of Christ. We strive to do all things with excellence

Our core values guide us in making decisions and exhibiting Christ like behavior.  


Our Priorities
Life Changing

Through life changing weekend worship services, where we acknowledge the life-giving power of the good news of Jesus Christ with heartfelt worship and study of the Word of God


Reaching Kids & Students

We are committed to helping every young child, pre-teen, teenager, and young adult to hear about Jesus and His love for them, and experience a real relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Real Relationships

Following Jesus’ command to love God, and love our neighbor, we are committed to building rich and genuine relationships with one another, and maturing in our attitudes and actions as we learn to be more like Jesus.


Loving Our Community

We want to be like Jesus. We want to show His love to the community; therefore, we want to do everything we can to love our community through community outreach and giving opportunities.

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